What is the recommended sample input for lysis using the Shoreline Complete kits?

Shoreline Biome kits have been optimized for low-sample inputs. Adding too much sample could cause the assay to fail. The following guidelines are recommended for sample input lysis:

Sample TypeInput AmountMaximum
Solid Fecal1-3 mg10 mg
Liquid Fecal10 µL 10 µL
DNA Genotek OMNIgene®•Gut 10 µL 10 µL
Tissue20 mg30 mg
Mouse Fecal5 mg (1/4 pellet)10 mg (1/2 pellet)
Bacterial Cells10^610^8

Buffer Considerations: The Shoreline Rapid Prep and Shoreline Complete lysis step is pH dependent, therefore it is important to follow recommended guidelines for sample input. If sample is stored in buffer with pH < 6.5, 10 µL is the maximum input volume. Adding more than this volume can result in suboptimal lysis and affect downstream results.

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