What protocol do I use for SMRTbell library prep on PacBio Sequel?

Customers should use “Procedure & Checklist – Full-Length 16S Amplification SMRTbell® Library Preparation and Sequencing” using the SMRTbell Express Template Prep 2.0. 

To find the protocol, go to https://www.pacb.com/applications/complex-populations/microbial/ then expand the Library & Sample Preparation section (“Learn More +”), and click the link to the 16S amplification and sequencing protocol.

Please note that you will be beginning the procedure with an amplicon pool, not individual amplicons as stated in the PacBio protocol. Begin with “AMPure PB Bead Purification” of the already pooled Shoreline PCR products, then skip the PacBio-specific pooling steps, and rejoin the protocol with “SMRTbell Library Construction”

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