Why are Shoreline Biome assay kits better than others on the market?

Shoreline Biome kits:

  • provide the most complete and easy-to-use microbiome sequencing solution on the market. Experienced and novice microbiome researchers alike trust Shoreline Biome assay kits for fast, comprehensive data results.
  • allow researchers to quickly generate the amplicons required for their short- or long-read sequencing data provide the highest quality 16S amplicon preps available, prepared for pooling and sequencing on either the Illumina or PacBio sequencing platform. In head-to-head comparisons, Shoreline Biome’s proprietary technology has identified organisms that other kits could not. It is not necessary to weigh samples prior to starting the process.
  • allow for simple lysis of up to 96 samples with comprehensive representation of Gram-positive Firmicutes and other difficult-to-lyse microbes in under 35 minutes. They are configured in a 96-well plate format that provides a seamless transition to single-step PCR.
  • have unique, dual-matched barcode designs that cover known PCR primer variants while limiting PCR bias and maintaining proportional representation.
  • when used with the PacBio platform, Shoreline Biome’s intuitive analysis software and specially curated Athena database allow a straightforward analysis of the sequence data with superior high-resolution readouts.
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