Shoreline Breaker Instrument

Fast-track the delivery of HMW dsDNA with Shoreline Breaker Instrument* and DNA Prep Kits

Not all microbes are created equal: some are easy to lyse, but others can be challenging. Shoreline Breaker is the perfect solution: it can lyse even tough-to-crack bacteria while preserving DNA integrity from simpler lysing bacteria. Shoreline Breaker comprehensively lyses and rapidly purifies high-quality microbial double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) (for example, from fecal samples or bacterial cells) for metagenomic

The proprietary process* and reagents result in uniform lysis of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria — including those difficult-to-lyse firmicutes and spores — delivering high molecular weight dsDNA (HMW dsDNA) in under two minutes.

* Patent Pending
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