Shoreline Breaker Prep Kits


Not all microbes are created equal: some are easy to lyse, but others can be challenging.

The Shoreline Breaker technology is the prefect solution for quick and unbiased sample lysis and production of high quality, HMW dsDNA.  In combination with the Shoreline Breaker Instrument, the Shoreline Breaker DNA Prep kit provides uniform lysis of all organisms, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, difficult-to-lyse firmicutes, and spores.  The fast and easy magnetic bead-based purification produces DNA of up to 50 kB n size, a critical first step in long-read DNA metagenomic and whole genome sequencing.  Shoreline Breaker HMW DNA Prep kit include 16 or 48 pre-loaded sample lysis tubes, lysis buffer, and purification buffer.


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