Shoreline Complete NanoID Kit


Ensure that no microbe is left behind with the Shoreline Complete NanoID kit.

Shoreline Biome’s longest amplicon targeting highest resolution for the Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform.

Shoreline Complete makes it easy to get 96 samples prepared in a high-throughput format, our signature lysis ensures high-molecular weight DNA from both easily lysed and difficult-to-lyse bacteria in your samples. The patented* lysis/DNA purification step ensures that no microbe is left behind without the need for cumbersome bead beating. The patented** NanoID amplicon with smart primer design and unique dual-end barcoding reduces amplification bias and maximizes usable reads. Pooled samples are ready for ONT Library Ligation and Oxford Nanopore systems. Together with our SBanalyzer software and Athena database, this is a complete solution from sample-to-analysis for high-resolution microbiome profiling.

* U.S. Patent No. 10,774,322
** U.S. Patent No. 10,894,990
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