Shoreline Wave StrainID Kit


Maximize microbial coverage and taxonomic resolution with the Shoreline Wave StrainID PCR kit

The fastest, easiest method for amplicon based microbial strain identification utilizing the PacBio Sequel system.

Smart, structure-based primer design maximizes microbial coverage and reduces amplification bias. Using the patented* StrainID amplicon, taxonomic resolution is increased to the strain level by capturing the 16S-ITS-23S gene region. A single step PCR with dried down, barcoded primers allows minimal pipetting steps when preparing pooled amplicons ready for the addition of PacBio SMRTbell adaptors. Unique dual-end barcoding dramatically increases usable PacBio reads on the Sequel System. Together with our SBanalyzer software and highly curated Athena reference database, this is fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive solution for strain level taxonomic classification using a long-read amplicon assay.


* U.S. Patent No. 10,894,990
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