Shoreline Biome Launches NanoID High-Resolution Microbiome Kits and Software using Patented Long Amplicon Technology for Oxford Nanopore Systems

Shoreline Complete NanoID kits are the perfect solution for microbiome researchers seeking high-resolution microbiome data using Shoreline Biome’s long amplicon technology

FARMINGTON, Conn.— Shoreline Biome, a microbiome research company that develops tools for characterizing microbiome populations down to the strain level, recently unveiled a powerful new analysis solution for Oxford Nanopore Systems.

Shoreline Complete NanoID™ is the fastest and most complete microbiome sample prep kit for long-read NGS analysis for Oxford Nanopore Systems.

Leave no microbe behind from any complex microbial mixture using the patented lysis*/DNA purification step without bead beating. Smart primer design and unique dual-end barcoding reduces amplification bias and maximizes usable reads in a single-step PCR. NanoID provides deeper taxonomic resolution than traditional 16S rRNA profiling by leveraging a novel ~2500 base pair amplicon containing the entire 16S rRNA gene as well as the variable ITS region and a part of the 23S gene.  The unique 16S-ITS-23S** NanoID long amplicons are ready for pooling, adaptor ligation, and sequencing on Oxford Nanopore systems. Shoreline SBanalyzer software demultiplexes and maps sequencing data to the long-read Athena Microbial Reference database and annotates bacteria to the taxonomic resolution higher than that achieved using 16S.  Users can also take advantage of advanced analysis algorithms to enable even higher taxonomic resolution.

“There has been a lack of a complete and easy solution as well as a well-curated microbial database addressing both the16s rRNA and highly variable microbial ITS gene regions compatible with Oxford Nanopore long-read NGS,” said Karen Woodward, Shoreline Biome’s Vice President of Business Development.  “We wanted to provide customers the ability to both streamline their sample prep workflow and maximize microbial taxonomic classification from the Oxford Nanopore long-read sequencing platform.” 

Professor George Weinstock, Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine and University of Connecticut Health Center adds, “The data output from NanoID analyzed using SBanalyzer and mapped to the long-read Athena database gives great promise to obtaining higher resolution microbiome from the novel 16S-ITS-23S amplicon over traditional 16S on the Oxford Nanopore platform.”

Kits are available for Oxford Nanopore Sequencing platforms in 16-dual barcode set and 96-barcode set formats for a total of 112 dual unique barcodes.  In addition, the Shoreline Wave NanoID kits give customers who have already prepared DNA the ability to also take advantage of our novel PCR technology.

The features of the Shoreline Complete NanoID kits include:

  • Simple and Complete Workflow
  • Easy Lysis and DNA Purification with Unbiased Microbial Representation
  • Single step PCR adds dual unique barcodes
  • Smart PCR design reduces bias
  • Amplicons Ready for Oxford Nanopore Ligation Adaptors
  • Complimentary SBanalyzer Software with Athena Microbial Reference Database demultiplexes and maps reads
  • Improved Resolution and Classification over Traditional 16S
  • Advanced analysis protocol for even higher taxonomic resolution

Characterizing the human microbiome and analyzing its role in human health and disease are priority goals for researchers around the world. Shoreline Biome accelerates breakthroughs in microbiome research by developing transformative discovery tools that characterize microbiome populations down to the strain level. With Shoreline Biome products, all it takes is three easy steps: lyse, purify, and amplify. Shoreline Biome’s easy-to-use companion analysis software and comprehensive reference database enables straightforward strain-level identification and quantitation of all bacteria in the sample. To learn more, visit    *U.S. Patent 10,774,322 ** U.S. Patent 10,894,990

For more information contact:
Karen Woodward, VP of Business Development 
Telephone #  860-881-6790

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