Shoreline Biome to present high-resolution gut microbiome research

October 31, 2019

Company will participate in poster session at The Jackson Laboratory’s Microbiome Innovation Summit

FARMINGTON, Conn.—Shoreline Biome, a microbiome research company based here that develops tools for characterizing microbiome populations down to the strain level, will present its high-resolution gut microbiome research at the upcoming Microbiome Innovation Summit at The Jackson Laboratory. Co-presenters will include the University of Connecticut Health Schools of Medicine & Dental Medicine and The Jackson Laboratory Center for Genomic Medicine.

The Microbiome Innovation Summit is a leading microbiology scientific conference. The one-day event will be held in Farmington, Conn., November 1, 2019.

Strain level microbiome profiling is needed for a full understanding of how microbial communities influence human health. The long amplicon sequence information can be used to identify novel bacteria in samples and track them in follow-up experiments. Microbiome profiling by next-generation sequencing of rRNA gene amplicons is a well-understood method that is relatively rapid and inexpensive, but there are challenges with generating accurate microbiome profiles at strain-level resolution.

Shoreline Biome’s unique technology solves this problem for research. The company will present data at the Microbiome Innovation Summit that shows results from experiments in human and mouse fecal microbiomes using a novel long rRNA amplicon and accompanying long-read database that enables significantly improved resolution of closely related microbes.

“We’re very excited to participate in the Microbiome Innovation Summit and discuss our Shoreline Complete technology with researchers,” said Thomas Jarvie, Ph.D., a co-founder of Shoreline Biome. “We hope companies leverage our cutting-edge technology to help solve a variety of challenges.”

Shoreline Biome representatives will be available throughout the day for inquiries about its products and research.

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Characterizing the human microbiome and analyzing its role in human health and disease are priority goals for researchers around the world. Shoreline Biome accelerates breakthroughs in microbiome research by developing transformative discovery tools that characterize microbiome populations down to the strain level. With Shoreline Biome products, all it takes is three easy steps: lyse, purify, and amplify. Shoreline Biome’s easy-to-use companion analysis software and comprehensive reference database enables straightforward strain-level identification and quantitation of all bacteria in the sample. To learn more, visit

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